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Why A Mobile-Friendly Website Is A Must-Have For Your Business

That the use of internet on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets exceeds desktop internet usage today is common knowledge. As a business owner, the knowledge that your clients and potential clients have all gone mobile is crucial.
Want to increase the sales for your bouncy castle hire business? Want to give prospective clients quick and convenient access to your inventory of inflatables, fairy floss machines for hire, popcorn machines, slushie machines, amusements and ride, face painting services, balloon twisting and other products and services that your company has to offer? Go mobile.
In today’s fast-paced world, with everyone always on the go, people spend more time on their phones more than they ever do spending time on a laptop or in front of a desktop when it comes to online shopping. It is what they are looking for and failing to deliver on this may very well mean losing out on what would have otherwise played out as legitimate leads. No doubt about it, making your business website mobile-friendly can greatly increase your sales. Simply put, any savvy business cannot looking to grow cannot afford to not have a mobile-friendly website.
Having a responsive website built for mobile is great for SEO, without which you may be looking at less organic traffic to your business website on account of lower rankings on search engines like Google. Google recognizes optimizing for mobile as a fundamental SEO business practice. It is not enough to simply have a mobile website; you should invest in ensuring that your site visitors have a great user experience.
When it comes to content on your website, be it descriptions for your jumping castles, slides and other items available for hire, or the different pages such as your landing page, ensure that your fonts are well scaled and users don’t have to zoom in to read text. Also ensure that your content pages are sized such that your users are not forced into horizontal scrolling. Correctly setting up redirects and ensuring speed are also among other best practices to ensure your mobile site is optimized for the best user experience.
Parents are busy. The same can be said of corporate. For a hire company whose target market are parents and event planners looking to organize fun days, parties and events for private and corporate functions, it is your business to ensure that they enjoy a great experience. Investing in a mobile-friendly website not only increases your client base, but by implementing best practices, you guarantee your clients a great experience.

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