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Want Good Customer Reviews? Go Ahead and Ask

Up to 70% of the customer population trusts the opinions that others post online and go ahead to make decisions based on these opinions.  Customers are always doing some online research before buying a product or hiring a service.

With this in mind, every business needs to find ways that will encourage customers to post positive reviews. Bad reviews are a real business threat and many companies can trace the start of their precipitous down-fall to a few bad online reviews.

Simply Just Ask

Because not everyone will take the initiative to review your company, asking your customers for reviews is by all means an over-the-board business practice.  The who, when and how of asking makes all the difference for your business.

The how should definitely center on professionalism.  It goes against all business ethics to solicit and ask directly for “good” reviews from clients. The owner should always ask customers to provide an un-biased and honest review based on their experience. It is perfectly acceptable to ask for a review more than once, as long as it is done with professional courtesy as you would not want to come off as a nag to customers.

Who you ask also matters in getting a good review for your business. Repeat customers with an evident loyalty to your business as well as customers who have referred others to your business are two main groups of interest.  These are customers, who, through their actions have shown that they believe they are getting value for their money doing business with you. More likely than not, you can expect a great review from these clients.

While the experience may have been great, customers may find it hard to remember the specifics to include in a review if you wait too long after the interaction to ask for a review.  A great time to ask for a review is when the customers reach out right after doing business to commend your business and give feedback on their experience.

Getting good reviews hinges solely on the quality of service your business provides and customer satisfaction. Local business such as Perth Bouncing Castle Hire http://www.perthbouncycastlehire.com  have many positive online reviews  and ratings owing to the company’s commitment to ensuring every customer has the best experience as they work with the company. Not only do the reviews provide  a great opportunity to  engage with clients, the also help in providing insights that the company can action and reinforce for an even better experience.

Customers trust consumer reviews far more than your business’ presentation of the product features.  Instead of letting this great marketing tool go to waste, take the initiative and simply ask. If your service is impeccable, then you can be sure of generous business reviews.


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