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Keeping Your Young Artificial Lawn Company Afloat in the Storm of Clients’ Complaints By Timely Responses

The internet wields such great power in the dynamics of today’s business world. Think of the many forums on the internet and on social media such as where thousands share ideas on literally everything under the sun.

Customer satisfaction has always been a crucial part of any business, but with the ease with which word goes around today, it is now more important than ever to strive towards ensuring customer satisfaction following every interaction with your business. A satisfied client may share their great experience with others on a given forum and in so doing; draw in more potential customers by instilling some confidence. The converse is absolutely devastating. Consider a disgruntled client who takes to online forums to express their dissatisfaction. Many actual and potential clients may sympathise with said disgruntled client and you may find yourself losing some business.

Delayed response to complaints and failing to address concerns raised by clients will, undoubtedly, cause you to lose some clients and promising leads. On the other hand, you can build a loyal clientele for your business by seeking to actively resolve any issues raised by your customers, who are, indeed, the very lifeblood of your business.

The next time you find yourself with damning customer complaints, take on a positive outlook and consider it an opportunity to make things better and increase your profits with the 3-step action plan highlighted briefly.

Listen; the customer is always right

Always take the time to listen and fully understand the client’s complaint. Whether it was an artificial lawn that was poorly installed, or complaint of the mess that the team left after doing the installation, listen carefully to every complaint presented. Keep your ears on the ground, check online communities and forums where the quality of service in your business is a topic of discussion. This will definitely keep you well informed of your standing among the clients that you serve.

Acknowledge, apologise and find a solution

Merely admitting that the complaint voiced is legitimate and following it with a sincere apology is more than what most customers can hope for. Stand out from among the many artificial business and boldly apologise with a promise to resolve the particular concern areas. Have a sit-down with all the concerned teams and develop a strategy that will resolve the matter quickly and satisfactorily, even exceeding their expectations.

Re-do the artificial lawn installation, ensure that the crew takes time to clean after themselves at the site after the job. Find concrete solutions that address the specifics of a client’s complaints and you can be sure that they will remain a loyal client for a long time to come.

Follow up

Every client wants to feel like the important players they are in your business, so go ahead and let them know that you do care and take a keen interest in every client. Beyond resolving the problem, go further and do a follow-up with the client. You may want to send an email, or call them to check whether they found the solution provided satisfactory and enquire of any unresolved issues concerning the same.

Much like any other, your artificial lawn company stands to reap big if customer satisfaction is upheld. Take time on online communities and forums like and identify the specific needs of the clients, and how best to resolve those that are not being sufficiently met.

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