How To Market A Street Sweeping Business

In many communities, street sweeping is a government function. However, cooperative housing units, homeowners, and residential housing communities often hire private sweeping contractors. On the other hand, organizers of festivals, special outdoor events and commercial retailers outsource their cleaning contractors. Private sweeping cleaning contractors in Perth are usually small business entrepreneurs willing to organize cleaning crews to do the work for them at a fee.

One of the most important thing while venturing into street sweeping business is registering with the relevant government authorities in your state. You can operate the street sweeping Perth business on your own as a sole proprietor or set up a limited liability company. If you opt for the latter, then you’ve chosen a more professional way to organize your business and hire employees to be able to have flowing independent contracts. For more information on the state, city or county requirements you need to consult an attorney.

The next step is purchasing cleaning equipment and tools. While at it, ensure that you buy commercial grade brooms which are designed for industrial and maintenance use. After this you have to hire employees and ensure that you organize crews for various tasks. Depending on the sweeping project, you’ll decide on whether you want a temporary or a permanent crew. Carefully check the applicant’s backgrounds and references. Also, you could hire a professional employment company to screen new hires. Training the new hires to perform the sweeping tasks professionally is your task. After this ensure that you buy worker uniforms including overalls and hats personalizing your name and logo.


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Contract sweeping is a down to earth business which is expanding at the rate in which pavement is being fixed in areas around your place. Therefore consider the following steps:

  • Who are your prospects: You need to identify your prospective market. Whether they’ll be banks, airports, hospitals or regional malls.
  • Whom do you call to offer your services: In most cases it would be a good idea to approach the manager in charge of the ground also known as the project manager. However, it is more advisable to contact the project manager before purchasing your sweepers. While marketing your services ensure that the properties you choose have pavements that are not well maintained. Ask the managers questions on their sweeping arrangements
  • Consider what you’ve learned: The main questions that should ring inside your mind include the following: Do you have enough business prospects that might be in need of your services? Due to the fact that most parking lots are swept or cleaned at night, do you have a problem with working at night? How long do you want to work? How much do you want to earn? Based on what you’ve learned you’ll be able to set goals for your sweeping business.
  • Doing record keeping after computing your business costs: For you to monitor your growth and costs, you need to set up your books. This will help you establish your monthly costs of operation and plan for the future.

With the above invaluable information, I hope you will be able to start your sweeping business without a hitch. All the best in while you venture into street sweeping.



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