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Cost-effective Marketing Strategies That Will Keep Your Bouncy Castle Hire Company In The Game

Jumping castle hire is a profitable niche once you have command of a share of the competitive market. Many savvy entrepreneurs are joining the industry and it takes brilliant strategy to stay ahead of the competition. One such strategy lies in effectively marketing your business. A Melbourne jumping castle hire company doing really well is Aussie Jump. They have a vast array of jumping castles available on their website at competitive prices.

Marketing campaigns can be quite expensive and with most generic advertising techniques, you may find yourself stretching the company’s resources without a tangible return on investment as far as pooling in and increasing your clientele goes.

There are, however, some inexpensive marketing techniques that will prove quite effective for your bouncy castle hire company.

1. The internet in all things

Set up a comprehensive and informative website for your business. Include a product page with a colourful gallery of the units you have in your inventory. Share your portfolio and projects with your web visitors even as you share any news and exciting deals and offers that clients can enjoy.

You should also look into creating social media accounts such as Facebook and twitter for the same, and don’t forget about SEO and Adwords for Google Advertising. Today, most people spend a lot of their time on the internet; so, get your business out there.

2. Advertise in public places

This should take you back to the old school way of doing things. Hand out flyers, place adverts on the noticeboards of your local church, school, library, community hall and local stores. A colourful flyer is not only cheap but also has quite a high visibility, particularly when strategically placed in high traffic areas where your target market frequents.

3. Referrals

People trust word of mouth more than any creative advertising content you may put out there about your bouncy castle business. The only way to get good referrals is by providing exceptional services to all your clients. For that client that ordered a single unit for 3 hours or that corporate client that hired many bounce houses for the whole day; endeavour to non-discriminately provide the best service to every client you get the privilege of working with.

In addition to referrals from clients you have previously worked with, you can tell family, friends, work colleagues and your neighbours about your business. You will be surprised by just how fast word gets around in your community.

4. Advertise on the inflatables

Many businesses unfortunately ignore this very viable option. Have your company logo and contacts printed on the bouncy houses, and for every event that you hire out units for, there is a great probability of some of the parents dropping off their kid taking note of your business’ particulars.

You can also have the company’s vehicles sign written. As the staff move around town doing deliveries and pick-ups to and from event sites, the bold signage will definitely speak to potential client who may be looking to host events of their own.

All the fun aside, your bouncy castle hire company is a business, for which survival, growth, and profit are crucial elements. Effective marketing strategies will help you realise these goals and you can bounce your way to a thriving business.

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